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Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers

For comprehensive legal support in criminal matters, rely on our expert team. Contact us today to secure your rights and navigate your case with confidence.
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Excellence in delivering top-tier legal representation, standing steadfastly by clients facing criminal charges to safeguard their rights effectively within the courtroom, is how we work here at Walker Pender.

Our expertise goes beyond mere representation; we offer strategic legal advice and guide our clients through the implications of their charges, helping them understand the most favourable courses of action available.

Our professional team is adept at skillfully negotiating plea bargains with prosecutors. We aim to minimize charges and penalties on behalf of our clients, employing a meticulous approach that involves thorough preparation and the presentation of a strong defence. This includes diligently collecting evidence, conducting detailed witness interviews, and constructing robust legal arguments.

Throughout your legal journey, Walker Pender’s commitment lies in preserving our client’s constitutional rights, ensuring fair treatment and due process every step. When you choose us, you’re not just choosing a lawyer; you’re gaining a dedicated ally who will tirelessly work to protect your interests and secure the best possible outcome.

    Wills and Estates

    We Act in Respect of All Forms of Criminal Case

    At Walker Pender, we have a team of experienced criminal lawyers ready to defend individuals facing charges related to violent crimes, such as murder, manslaughter, assault, and other violent offenses. We understand the gravity of these charges and work tirelessly to ensure our client’s rights are protected, providing expert legal representation every step of the way.


    Our criminal lawyers handle dishonesty offenses, including break, fraud, and stealing. We understand the complexities of these cases and employ strategic legal approaches to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

    Walker Pender offers compassionate yet robust legal representation for individuals facing sexual offenses, including those against children like child pornography. We prioritize protecting our clients’ rights while navigating the sensitive nature of these cases.

    Our team is experienced in defending individuals charged with drug offenses. We provide comprehensive legal support for cases related to illegal drugs, ensuring our clients receive fair treatment under the law.

    Walker Pender’s criminal lawyers are well-prepared to provide expert defense in weapons violations. We work diligently to protect our client’s interests and rights in these challenging cases.

    From dangerous operation to disqualified driving and driver’s license disqualifications/suspensions, our criminal lawyers have the expertise to handle a wide range of driving offenses. We strive to minimize penalties and protect our client’s driving privileges.

    Walker Pender’s criminal lawyers offer strategic legal guidance and representation for cases involving public nuisance and willful damage. We work to ensure our clients receive a fair defense and aim for the best possible outcomes.

    Walker Pender is committed to assisting individuals involved in domestic violence cases. Our criminal lawyers provide support, legal advice, and representation, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our clients.

    From drink driving to unlicensed and disqualified driving, as well as issues related to the loss of a license, Walker Pender’s criminal lawyers are well-equipped to handle traffic infringements. We strive to protect our client’s rights and minimize the impact of these charges on their lives.

    More Ways We Can Help You

    Bail Applications

    In serious offenses where bail is denied by Police, individuals are held in a Watch house until they appear in the Magistrates Court for a bail application. While the Bail Act generally presumes bail, “Show Cause” cases require individuals to prove why bail should be granted. Conditions like no contact, residence, and reporting may accompany granted bail, and sureties can be required. If bail is denied by the Magistrate, the Supreme Court holds the power to grant it. Making a comprehensive bail application in the Magistrates Court is crucial, as there’s no automatic right for a second application if bail is initially refused.

    Police Interviews

    The right to silence is a fundamental legal principle where individuals have the right to refuse answering questions beyond providing their name and address. Interviews, recorded for use in court, pose a risk: the information given could aid in prosecution later. Furthermore, inconsistencies between a police interview and court testimony may cast doubt on credibility, potentially impacting the case’s outcome. Therefore, assessing the necessity of an interview before conducting it is crucial in each case.

    Parole Applications

    After a sentence of imprisonment, the Court determines whether to suspend part or all of the term or grant parole at a specified time. Courts can set a parole release date or, in some cases, establish an eligibility date, necessitating an application to the parole board for release.

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    Most cases do not go to trial. Many cases are resolved through negotiations, plea bargains, or other legal processes.
    Whether your case goes to trial depends on various factors, such as the evidence, the charges against you, and the prosecution’s approach.
    Walker Pender’s Criminal Lawyers will advise you on the best course of action for your specific situation.

    A plea bargain is an agreement between the defence and the prosecution in which the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge or receives a reduced sentence in exchange for a more lenient punishment. A plea bargain may be considered if it is in your best interest and the evidence against you is substantial.

    Yes, Walker Pender’s Criminal Lawyers Ipswich can represent you in court. They are experienced in presenting cases effectively, challenging the prosecution’s arguments, and advocating for your rights.


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