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Walker Pender Group provides a premium, full-service choice for personal and professional representation throughout the Ipswich region. Dedicated to providing high quality services, we strive to meet the needs of our clients, without losing the personal touch.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of legal professionals can assist with all enquiries.

We have a long history of serving our community and today proudly support many local organisations and events.

Our History

Walker Pender was formed in 1988, when the two legal firms of Walker & Walker, and Pender & Pender amalgamated, and commenced practice in new premises overlooking the Ipswich City Mall.

The firm of Walker & Walker was founded in 1896 by J.E. Walker, who was joined in practice by his brother S.H. Walker in 1899, when the firm became known as Walker and Walker. The direct descendants of J.E. Walker have been associated with the firm since that time.

The firm Pender & Pender was founded in Ipswich in October 1874. In 1900, E.J. Pender became a Partner in the firm and his brother, M.P. Pender also became a Partner in 1907. The firm was owned and operated by the descendants of M.P. Pender after that time.

Today, the Directors of Walker Pender Group are continuing to provide the quality legal services long associated with these two firms.

Combined knowledge and expertise meet longstanding community connections, making us perfectly positioned to deliver for our clients.

We are proud of our long standing ties to the Ipswich community and are committed to giving back in sincere thanks for the support of our community since 1874.

We support many local events and causes including with sponsorship and pro bono legal services. Our Directors serve or have served on the boards of local organisations and many of our lawyers also donate their time to community legal centres and other volunteering opportunities.

Some of the organisations and events we have contributed to include:

Strengthening Partnerships

We have developed amazing partnerships with law firms and other businesses across Australia to ensure our clients are looked after wherever they are.

Conveyancer in North Lakes
Family Law in Sydney 
Family Law in Melbourne


Our core practice areas are those listed on our website. If you need legal advice regarding an issue that falls outside of our usual practice areas, please call us today so that we can discuss this with you. We offer general advice consultations or can refer you to a specialist if we are unable to assist.

The answer to this question can vary, depending on your type of matter. At Walker Pender Group, we are transparent about our costs and believe our services should be accessible to everyone.

For most matters, we calculate an hourly rate and then charge time in six minute intervals. The hourly rate varies depending on the professional undertaking the work. For example, a Director or senior solicitor has a higher hourly rate than a junior solicitor, law clerk or secretarial staff member.

On top of charging for the time we have spent working on your matter, we charge for the costs we incur in doing the work (“sundries”) – such as photocopying and postage.

In addition, we charge you for any expenses that we incur on your behalf (“disbursements”) – such as fees for filing in court and search fees.

We also offer flexible payment arrangements and some of our services are available through Legal Aid. To discuss our costs and your matter, please contact us.

A great way to help keep your legal fees down is to have a clear idea of the outcome you are hoping for at the beginning of your journey and discussing this with your lawyer upfront. The clearer our instructions, the more accurate we can be in our estimate of legal fees.

Talk to us about fees, we offer flexible costs arrangements to suit your individual needs and are happy to discuss these with you.

Here are some other ways you can keep costs down:

  1. Keep in mind that lawyers charge for each unit of time spent working on your matter – meaning that when you call or email, you incur fees. While you should never feel put off from contacting us, it can help keep costs down by asking all questions or discussing all issues in one call where possible.
  2. Provide all information/documentation when requested – this will reduce unnecessary fees incurred by us following you up for information or documents.
  3. Be prepared – try to make a list of questions you would like to ask or come prepared with documents or material that is organised in a chronological way. We can represent your interests in the best possible way and time spent organising your documents is also reduced or eliminated, keeping costs down.

Congratulations! Send your contract to us or put our firm details down on the contract. Once we receive the contract, we will contact you and commence the conveyancing process.

Yes – If you are unable to attend our office, we can travel to you at your home or at the hospital, particularly for Will signings. We charge a travel fee within Ipswich City and outlying areas.

We also offer our services via Zoom, Skype or using other digital solutions. Contact us today if you are unable to visit us in person.


  • Ipswich Office
    28 Nicholas Street, Ipswich 4305
  • Sydney Office
    202/255 Castlereagh St. Sydney NSW 2000

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