Leaving Money to Grandchildren in a Will Australia: 3 Helpful Ways

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In Australia, leaving money to grandchildren in a will Australia is a thoughtful way to contribute to their future, whether for education, purchasing a home, or other significant life events.

Understanding the legal considerations and best practices is essential to ensure your wishes are effectively carried out and that the inheritance provides the intended benefits without unintended complications.

Understanding Legal Considerations

When planning to leave money to grandchildren in a will, it’s crucial to consider the legal framework that governs wills and inheritances in Australia.

This includes ensuring the will is valid, clearly specifying the beneficiaries, and considering the impact on the overall estate plan.

Special considerations may be necessary if any grandchildren are minors during the bequest.

Key takeaway: Ensure your will complies with legal requirements and identifies your grandchildren as beneficiaries to avoid ambiguity.

Structuring the Bequest

Structuring the bequest to your grandchildren requires careful consideration to ensure it aligns with your intentions and provides for their future in the best possible way. 

Direct Gifts:

It is a simple way to leave a specified amount of money or assets.

Best for immediate financial support or specific purchases.


It is ideal for minor grandchildren, providing flexibility and control.

Allows appointment of a trustee to manage funds until the grandchildren reach a designated age.

Can specify conditions for fund use, such as education, home purchase, or reaching a milestone age.

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Education Funds:

Specifically targets educational expenses, from schooling to higher education.

Ensures the bequest directly contributes to the grandchild’s academic and professional development.

When structuring the bequest:

  • Consider your grandchildren’s long-term benefits and potential needs, ensuring the inheritance serves them as they grow.
  • Tailor the inheritance to provide meaningful support for education, housing, or as a financial safety net.

Key takeaway: Tailoring the structure of your bequest, whether through trusts, direct gifts, or education funds, allows for personalised control over the inheritance, ensuring it benefits your grandchildren in meaningful and impactful ways.

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Tax Implications

Understanding the tax implications of leaving money to grandchildren is essential.

While Australia does not have an inheritance tax, other tax considerations, such as capital gains tax or income tax on investment earnings from the inherited funds, may apply.

Planning with these implications in mind can help maximise the benefit to your grandchildren.

Key takeaway: Consult with a financial advisor to understand the tax implications of your bequest and plan accordingly.

Protecting the Inheritance

Consider legal mechanisms such as testamentary trusts to protect the inheritance from potential future risks, such as creditors or relationship breakdowns.

These can offer a layer of protection, ensuring the inheritance is preserved for your grandchildren’s benefit.

Key takeaway: Utilise legal structures like testamentary trusts to safeguard the inheritance for your grandchildren.

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Communicating Your Wishes

Discussing your estate plans with your family, including your intentions to leave money to your grandchildren, can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes after your passing.

Clear communication ensures that all family members understand and respect your wishes.

Key takeaway: Openly discussing your will and bequests with your family can help ensure your wishes are carried out smoothly.

Seek Legal Advice: Leaving Money to Grandchildren in a Will Australia

Leaving money to grandchildren in a will in Australia is a generous act that can significantly impact their futures.

By understanding the legal considerations, structuring the bequest appropriately, considering tax implications, protecting the inheritance, and communicating your wishes, you can ensure that your legacy benefits your grandchildren as intended.

It’s crucial to seek legal advice to navigate the complexities of estate planning effectively.

A legal professional can guide you in structuring your bequest, ensuring compliance with current laws, and addressing potential tax implications.

This step is essential for protecting the inheritance and ensuring your wishes are clearly articulated and legally binding.

Planning carefully and consulting with legal experts will help make your bequest a meaningful and lasting contribution to their lives, safeguarding your legacy and their future.

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